Philippine Cerebral Palsy, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of life, maximizing the independence of people with cerebral palsy and establishing their constructive roles in society, through early intervention, guided adaptive living and therapy, as well as preventive education and training of families and health care workers.

Throughout the world this involves a concerted effort of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech training, special education, medical care and vocational training as well as psychiatric and family counseling.

There is no center or hospital that deals with it specifically, no special budget, no special health care workers or training for it. CP care is lumped together with all the other disabilities and care is given in only a few government hospitals in the country. Most care that is available is offered by private clinics and hospitals that are beyond the affordability of most people. In other countries this is subsidized by the state and private insurance. Health insurance in our country excludes CP.

Over and beyond early rehabilitation, and the development of the more basic and rudimentary skills, there is a need for venues to allow these differently-abled people to develop their confidence and social skills.

In addition to struggling with their limitations every single day of their life, they have to contend with society as well. Modern infrastructure now allows more access to those that are physically handicapped but it is still not easy for them to move about on their own. Public transport is still largely inaccessible to someone who must manage a wheelchair himself.

Special Education for the handicapped is still for the most part expensive or inaccessible for all but a lucky handful. Consider a gifted or even normal IQ limited by speech impairment and uncoordinated motor skills.

Even supposing a CP patient manages to graduate there is still the hurdle of holding down a job. Skills development training for physically challenged individuals are rare and few are beyond the vocational level.

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